"Expressive arts help people to discover just what forms of expression will be self regulating, communicate their experiences in reparative ways, imagine restorative narratives, and ultimately support recovery" - Dr. Cathy Malchiodi, psychologist, expressive arts therapist and art therapist about us our services "Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning" - Fred Rogers about us our services "Art therapy is more important now than ever during the Covid 19 pandemic. It helps to calm negative emotions and bring a child closer to self discovery and inner peace. And no prior art skill is required, just the natural curiosity of the child to explore" - Amélie van den Brink, CBHN Founder about us our services "Music therapy, equine therapy, and art therapy are all 'therapeutic' because they are a vibrational match. They have elements to them that your child can use at his current level of high-vibrational function to make sense of this lower vibrating world." - Suzy Miller, Awesomenism about us our services

Important health message

Due to the recent increase in Covid-19 infections, as of August, all services are being offered online (on Doxy.me) until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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welcome to Child Behavioral Health Network

It takes a village to raise a child

Welcome to the Child Behavioral Health Network, or CBHN for short! This is a Network of internationally minded, compassionate and dedicated child based therapists and child health practitioners working with the Expat community in The Netherlands. We work with children ages 0 to 12 years and from all cultural backgrounds. Together, we form a virtual village of support for children and their families. 

As a village, we provide a range of specialist, alternative types of support for children and their families, seeing them in schools and other settings, as well as provide trainings on various child mental health issues and a community healing program for adults in need of processing difficult childhood experiences. 

In addition to our direct work, we provide connection to therapists not based in The Netherlands, as well as free resources to parents and professionals to be more effective in their work. The overarching aim of our services is to build resilience and to help children and their families who are in distress. 

What we provide

Our goal is to provide kids with the best service by attuning to what the child expresses and does not express-both verbal and nonverbal expressions, and giving them the control to make decisions for their own well-being.

Art Psychotherapy

Internationally recognised and evidence based form of psychological treatment that combines psychology/psychotherapy with the creative process of art.
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We offer individual and group workshops on various (child) mental health related topics–ranging from helping teachers deal with.

Community Healing HeARTs Open Studio

Do you often feel that you are going through life and its challenges alone?

If your child's mental distress is lasting longer than 2 months and is interfering with his or her home, school, and/or social life in general, then please consult with us. First 15 minutes are free of charge! After normal charges apply.