Our Growing Village/Partners

Sometimes what CBHN offers may be limiting to what a parent, or a school professional is looking for such as finding a therapist who works in a specific language, who understands the culture(s) of the kid, to name a few. That is why we’ve extended our Network to include practitioners who use mainstream child psychological treatments, practitioners who treat physical ailments as well as allied health care providers such as pediatric chiropractors. Be sure to visit each of our partners’ sites for more information!

Child & Childhood related Clinical Practices/Practitioners

Early Years Psychology

English, French & Spanish

  • The Hague and surrounding areas

This is a trilingual speaking practice–French, English and Spanish–based in The Hague by Dr. Sara Dominguez who is from the Dominican Republic. Dr. Dominguez provides parental guidance and attachment based therapy/support to families with children ages 0 and 4. She has studied and worked in France for 13 years before moving to and starting her practice in The Hague. For more information, please consult her page.

Mir Psychology

English & Bulgarian

  • The Hague & Leiden areas

Founded by Mirena Radulova, Mir Psychology is an international private practice based in The Hague and Leiden that uses an integrative approach such as EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rogerian Psychotherapy to treat adults with trauma in English and Bulgarian. Although adult centred, the practice also treats child related traumas in adults. Here are links to her English and Bulgarian websites


Robert K Dunn (PhD, GZ Psychologist)


  • Utrecht & Amsterdam

Dr. Dunn is an American Psychologist from San Francisco who has some 20 years of diagnosing and treating children, adolescents and adults with various issues, including chemical dependency problems, ex-convicts, adolescents with legal problems and couples and families. He has extensive experience in cross cultural psychology. Dr. Dunn is informed by positive psychology, ‘with a focus on building what is strong rather than solely working on fixing what is wrong. ‘ He also teaches clinical and health psychology at University College Utrecht, an honors undergraduate program serving Dutch and international students. Lastly, Dr. Dunn has ‘contracts’ with a few insurance companies in The Netherlands; those that he does not have contracts with are required by law to reimburse patients for the services of a ‘non-contracted’ GZ Psycholoog. Please call your insurance company to find out the extent of your coverage. For more information about Dr. Dunn’s practice, you can visit his website.

Child Health Care Practitioners


English, Dutch, Russian, French

  • The Hague, Wassenaar and surrounding areas

Founded by Dr. Sabine Fonderson (MD), HelloDoc is a temporary online solution for expats and foreign students waiting to be seen by their family doctor. HelloDoc has many services in different languages, including providing medical consultation online prescriptions, fit to travel certificates and specialist referrals in English, Dutch, Russian, French, to name a few. In the latter, CBHN works with HelloDoc as a specialist practice. For more information, visit her website.

Chiropractie Noordzee

English, Dutch
'Healthier, happier living through chiropractic care.'

  • The Hague and surrounding areas

This is a health and wellness practice by Ceci Wong & Thomas S. Halyk who are certified pediatric chiropractors treating many conditions- from nursing or reflux issues in the infant (sometimes related to tongue tie) due to birth trauma to older children who may have developmental delays due to retained reflexes. They also work on repetitive strain from sports, falls/other injuries, and with HSP and anxious children. They are also being guided by functional neurology technique which incorporates specific brain strengthening exercises, as well an integrative approach to working with the physical body in general.

Altogether, they are dedicated to providing chiropractic care in an alternative and holistic manner, in order to help people make healthier and better choices. For more information on their practice, visit their website.

International Child Alternative Therapists Practicing Online


English, French & Arabic

HCPC and BAAT registered art psychotherapist, trauma-informed yoga instructor, and special educator, Leila Ghaddar has10 years of experience working with culturally diverse children and adults, in mental health. She is dedicated to adapting person-centered interventions that empower others towards holistic wellbeing. She treats anxiety, depression, acute mental ill-health, eating disorders, autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning and intellectual difficulties & spiritual crises/awakenings.

For more information on her practice, visit her website.