Community Healing HeARTs Open Studio

Community Healing HeARTs Open Studio

Community Healing HeARTs Open Studio (for adults)

Do you often feel that you are going through life and its challenges alone? Maybe there are inter-generational issues holding you back that you need to express? Do you find it difficult to use words to express what it is that you are feeling? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Community Healing HeARTs Open Studio may be the right place for you to discover and express yourself!

The open studio is a safe space for adults (older than 20 years of age) to come together and share their stories. With the aide of an Art Psychotherapist, participants are invited to express themselves on a range of topics using a variety of media–ranging from painting, clay, drawing, to other mixed media materials of choice.

Depending on interest, children of parents may also be invited to join.


The open art studio is about so much more than simply making art!  It’s a place to talk, share, and re-connect with the community. It’s also about building self-respect and empowerment – not so much about technical know-how. So you can do what you already know and love, discover your creative potential by trying something new or just relax and chat to others!


Relationship Skills

If you have any traditional art supplies and/or any scrap material (old magazines, wool / knitting supplies, felt, cardboard, buttons, beads, glitter, fabric, etc.) that you would like to be used in a project or donated to the Network, you are most welcome to do so! You can also support our social enterprise by joining, donating or volunteering!

To make a personal donation, here is our banking details :
Child Behavioral Health Network
NL19 ABNA 0842 5809 21
With your permission, we will mention your name on the website as a way to thank you for your contribution! 🙂

Special mentions to our donators:
We are humbled to have our first donation of child friendly materials from Carolina Mancuso, a contemporary dancer from Argentina! She donated colored pencils, several teddy bears, finger puppets, and much more! Thank you, thank you, Carolina for your generous contribution! Good luck on your journey back to Argentina! We hope to see you back sometime 🙂

If you are experiencing similar
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